Social Marketing Mondays: Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook Cover Photos

A few months ago this change was new to us, now we know it as the large picture in our Facebook profiles everyone first sees when they land on our page. There are a few rules to live by — such as you cannot use your own contact information or CTA’s (calls to actions) such as “Like our Page”, “Buy my new book”, “Tune in Sept 3rd at 7pm” because this is what Facebook Ads are for… Yet I enjoy these rules. It makes limits limitless and the beauty of rules is that they were always made to be broken. Simply put, I love finding examples of how companies are embracing these boundaries and in turn trying to tell their story visually.

Here are a few examples:

Fun Stuff- Holiday Matinee Facebook Cover Photo

Inspire // Holiday Matinee

My initial reaction to this image and message was inspiration and that’s exactly what Holiday Matinee is — a blog for creative inspiration. It tells you everything you need to know about the company from a single image.

Lomography Facebook Cover Photo

Show Off Your Community // Lomography

Lomography just did an update that showcased: A.) Their product — analog cameras with analog film quality and B.) Their community of users. I’m very familiar with these shots better known as photography workshops, which are always the best.

3rd Ward Facebook Cover Photo

Tell a Story // 3rd Ward

I am familiar with 3rd Ward but maybe not everyone else is. There’s a lot of tools going on here leaving me curious to find out more about what they do. Which if you explore further, is perfectly fitting for them.

Tasting Table Facebook Cover Photo

Creative Approaches // Tasting Table

I have mentioned Tasting Table‘s Custom Guest Editor Facebook landing pages in an earlier article. Yet I’m still impressed by it, it’s such a creative way to showcase content while also putting a face to them. Brilliant!

New York Road Runners Facebook Cover Photo

Motivation // New York Road Runners

If this image of seasoned runners doesn’t get you motivated to run, I don’t know what else will. Not only that, but it makes me feel good that there’s a community out there that supports a range of runs in NY for a wide range of people on all kinds of levels.

Open Sky Facebook Cover Photo

Leave Me Hanging  // OpenSky

I would have to include this as my bad example. I have never been too familiar with what OpenSky does — but I know this image doesn’t help either. Are they cooking supplies, lessons, lifestyle? Nope, actually they are “a shopping experience that matches individual taste with the exceptional finds of industry insiders.” — but you wouldn’t really know this from this image.


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