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Women Who Brunch – Entrepreneur Foodie

In the beginning of August 2013, me and my friend were noticing that there just wasn’t enough resources out there for women. Another thing that fascinated me was how do you form relationships and connections with people in such a big city. Since we both loved brunch we decided to change the way women learn, connect, inspire, and support each other over the greatest meal of the week, brunch.

In less than a year we’ve had a tremendous growth. Here’s what our Women Who Brunch community looks like today:

Twitter – 2,300+ followers

Instagram – 3,400+ followers

Email – 800+ subscribed

Inner Brunch Facebook Group – Best way to connect with repeat brunchers/past attendees, stay connected, and form stronger relationships

Past speakers include: Creative Director, Life Coach, Entrepreneurs, Author, TED Speaker. Full list here.

Past attendees — We’ve have such an empowering diverse group of ladies join us each month including: entrepreneurs, life/health coaches, writers, stylists, event planners, chefs, marketers, financial advisors, TV reporters, and so many more!


Women Who Brunch NYC


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