Social Marketing Tuesday: Visual Marketing

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day break. Because of the holiday, this usual Social Marketing Monday will be dubbed Social Marketing Tuesday!

This week’s examples take a look into how brands are using visual marketing towards their social media efforts. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Visual Marketing. According to a Wikpiedia definition, Visual Marketing focuses on the study and critical analysis of the ability of objects to be ‘protagonists’ in a visual communication scenario. More simply put, a means of using visuals (i.e photos) that drive your marketing efforts forward.

Call to actions and elegant copy are certainly necessary, however it is the visual that speaks before the text.

Personally, this has always been a favorite task of mine on any given project. I enjoy finding the right visuals that will fit a particular piece of content ever so perfectly, it’s like a puzzle for me.

Here are some examples I found this past week that are driving the conversation forward, leading with the visuals:

Lost in E Minor:

Fish Shoes

This is a cool visual. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t stop and have a double look at this photo. Better yet, Lost in E Minor then asks its audience to think of a great one-liner for it. Visual Marketing can be used as a conversation starter, and usually isn’t that how things go viral?


Indiegogo Picture Over Text Quotes Motivation

Indiegogo is a global platform for crowdfunding, empowering anyone, anywhere, to raise money for anything. This post is what is known as texts over image. Admittedly, pretty pictures and inspiring quotes is a weakness of mine. I post similar visuals on my own Facebook every Monday for motivation. Many people do it, it’s a cliché but everyone needs some motivation and this example is particularly fitting to the brands core values.

Tasting Table:

Tasting Table Guest Editor Takeover

As most of you know, a new feature to Facebook is endless updates. This includes when a friend or brand updates their cover photo. This example of Tasting Table’s latest cover update immediately caught my attention. Mostly, again, for the visual. It is classic, very fitting for their brand, overall I thought it was a unique idea. Showcasing one of their guest editors while doing a complete ROS (in this case run of social) take over.


Thrillist Facebook Post Always Be Batman

Another example of text over image. It is a very quick and engaging method that never fails to start a conversation.

More importantly, it serves as a reminder to all. If given the choice, always be Batman.

Warby Parker:

Warby Parker Where's Waldo Glasses

Here is an example of Visual Marketing at its best in Warby Parker’s Where’s Waldo Facebook post. Mixing a notorious icon to promote their product, Where’s Waldo inspired frames.


Visual Marketing can be approached in a number of different ways. Whether it be used to promote a product, promotion, event, or even if it is just to get the conversation started in your social community. I find the way brands are using visuals to market limitless. This is a passion subject for me so there will definitely be further research in the future.

Are there any examples of brands using visual marketing that have stuck out to you? I would love to know, send your best examples in the comment section.


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