About Me

Hey there!

I’m Nicole. I’m a Florida girl, living in New York for 6 years now.

Currently I’m a Marketing Associate at Fujifilm, where I do event planning, trade shows, and marketing.

Previously, I was an Associate Account Manager at WebMD, where I did project management for 30-40 advertising programs with major pharmaceutical companies – Tylenol, Genentech, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Janssen.

I’m also the Co-Founder of Women Who Brunch, a monthly brunch series, with a mission to inspire women by providing them a truly unique experience in which they can both learn and connect over brunch and cocktails. Currently at a 10,000+ community growth in the NYC metro area and successfully sold out a 100 person “Brunch for Dinner” event with over 15 sponsors including Wix.com, Lyft, and Rent the Runway.

In other past lives, I was a Community Manager/Event Producer at Digital DUMBO, where we connected communities at the intersection of digital and culture. In this role, I created digital marketing strategies that helped build relationships with community members both online and offline.

Additionally, I played a hand at executing event programming and production, working with clients such as Bing, Google Local, TD Bank to many agencies and tech startups. I’ve planned 3 industry conferences with Digital DUMBO plus 2-4 events per month with an average of 100-500 attendees, including organizing pre-event logistics, manage relationships with vendors, staff, and external partnerships.

Specialities: Digital Marketing Strategies, Project Management, Event Management, Budget Planning, Market and Competitive Research, Event Promotions and Communications, Partner & Vendor Management, Field and Experiential Marketing, Conference and Networking Events, Food & Beverage Events, Influencer Marketing/Engagement.


Contact me about working together on your future event: Nicolemonahan2 [at] gmail [dot] com.


Side Projects:

Women Who Brunch, Co-Founder

Simply, this idea came about because I thought there wasn’t enough resources out there that connected and supported women. That’s what drove me to start WWB, that and the fact that I could eat delicious pancake carbs and taste-test mimosas on weekends. But in all honesty, I love creating unique event experiences and building a community of amazing women both online and offline.

Join us for brunch sometime!

Women Who Brunch NYC

NYC Lean In, Social Media and Marketing Director / Advisory Board 

Lean In is committed to offering women the ongoing inspiration and support to help them achieve their goals. Lean In supports women through Community, Education, and Circles. NYC Lean In‘s Circle has over 1,100 women members and 15 localized circles in our first year.

During my time at LeanIn, I produced 6 events with an average of 100-300 attendees, with speakers from SAP, Urbansitters, Rockefeller Foundation, The Moth, an Olympic athlete, and the first woman firefighter in NYC — and many more inspiring professionals.

Here I oversaw speaker communications, volunteer staff, and social media marketing for live events. Currently, I am an advisory board member.

nyc lean in

FindSpark, Event and Live Social/Events Volunteer

Proud volunteer with FindSpark, a local community of talented and ambitious creatives. FindSpark inspires students and recent grads to follow their creative passions and meet awesome people.

Previously, my role was Speaker Coordinator for our bi-annual Find & Follow Passion Conferences. Finding great talent, managing communications, and providing speaker resource guides are just a few things I handled before an event.

Whenever I can lend a helping hand at their monthly events I’m usually the one behind their live-tweeting or live-instagraming.


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