Creativity Comes In All Industries: My Love for Creative Mornings NY

Creative Mornings NY

NY Creative Mornings Nametag

Anyone who knows me at all knows I’m a regular at Creative Mornings NY. I have been going for almost a year now and have been to:

Now what is the reason for this post?

As I attended my regular monthly Creative Mornings today — or as the speaker today put it “The Breakfast Club”, which I love, (both Creative Mornings and the Movie of course.) I realized what I truly love about this community is the speakers. Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been sticking to industry related meetups, talks, classes, and networking events. As much as I love social media and digital, it’s wearing on me. Back in high school and college I would attend at least one concert a week. I was a film major watching countless of movies from all genres and regions of the world, and when I first moved to NYC there was never an event or corner I wouldn’t explore — from cooking lessons to comedy shows to photography group scoutings. Life is full of culture and I wanted to taste it all.

Point being is I miss mixing it up. And frankly, that’s the best part about Creative Mornings, when it comes down to the event I simply don’t have to think. I am always guaranteed an amazing speaker that will be at the peak of creativity in their industry. Whether that industry be film, illustration, design, art, science, tech, business, inspiration, or imagination. These mornings force me out of my usual social/digital comfort zone to explore the creative approaches to so many different fields. This is what I truly love about it. 

Thanks SwissMiss!

P.S. If you know me at all, even when I can’t remember the date for the next Creative Morning, I always seem to have this six sense as to when the next one is coming. True Story. I also have a strategy when it comes to sign-up — which I can not reveal at this time.

Random Creative Mornings NY Photos:

Brand Alphabet Creative Mornings NY   Simon Sinek Creative Mornings  Inspiration NY Creative Mornings NY Quote from Creative Mornings NY


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