Social Marketing Monday: Good Complexity

Top Social Media Marketing Campaigns for the Week of: 7/30/12 to 8/6/12

This weeks top two contenders that caught my eye were GOOD and Amstel Light. GOOD with it’s good at heart nature approach to a contest and Amstel Light for making beer and tales more complex than ever.

GOOD: Make Food More Awesome

GOOD is a personal favorite publication. This image originally caught my eye as I am a big foodie who soon realized that I don’t go on enough picnics. When you click through to more information about the contest you will find GOOD doing what it does best, making the world and in this case food, good. This contest is a challenge to those with big ideas on how to make food awesome in the world. The prize isn’t too shabby either, with a chance to win a $1,000 grant to make your idea happen, a tour of Food Network, and lunch with an Awesome Foundation trustee.
What worked for me:
  • The image, I am a visual person.
  • The cause behind the challenge, very motivating and inspiring.
  • The prizes! They relate to my personal interests.

Amstel Light : Savory Complexity


From experience through working with Amstel Light as one of our clients back at my old internship, they are no joke a complex brand, but in a good way! Very particular in the message and audience they want to reach and I think they really nailed it with this campaign. It a complex beer but doesn’t initially tell you why or talk about themselves. They highlight random things from meat, umbrellas, darts, to even this whistling one. It makes you read, it makes you think, and it is something to talk about because these ads are everywhere! Bus stops, subways, magazines, I see them constantly. It’s almost like a scavenger hunt to find missing pieces of a book. If there is one thing I love it’s a good adventure and a good story to tell.
What worked for me:
  • The stories. The randomness. The imagination.
  • The fonts and text, from a non-designer it’s easy on the eyes and pulls you in to read more.



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