Bots, Books, Bicycles, and Boos – The July NY Tech Meetup Recap

July 10, 2012 the mark of my first NY Tech Meetup experience. With countless months of trying and failing to get in (as they only release a certain number of tickets on certain days at exact times) I finally decided to get smart and set an alarm to remind myself to get tickets. Here is a recap from July’s NY Tech Meetup:

As attendees flooded in, with an end attendee count of 775 in attendance this was by far the biggest meetup I have ever been to. Once all settled into the theatre, our MC Jessica Lawrence, @jessicalawrence, introduced the typical procedures to the newbies and included a quite inspiring stories of how she got involved with the Meetup. Maybe I just admire people who are not only passionate but also have moved to this city around the same time as me.

Before the Demos started up, NY Tech released news of their video series #StartupStories, which I highly recommend anyone interested in startups or the tech industry to check out:

Following the video we kicked off the Demos which included the following Techies of the July Meetup:

Demo’s 7/10/12:

What it does: Appguppy is an online tool that lets you build your own mobile app and distribute it outside of app stores.

What is does: Skillcrush is a community-driven, fun way to learn new tech skills and share these with others.

What it does: Video Chat Events for Book Tours, Release Parties, Presentations, and Q&As.

What it does: Browse ratings and reviews of grocery and drugstore products. View recommendations from people like you. Demoed newest mobile scannable version with nutritional information.

What is does: Provides the best analytics and customer intelligence for e-commerce merchants.

What it does: Learn to play real songs with simple, step-by-step interactive lessons.

  • Demo #7: Hack of the Month: TwilioBot by Jon Gottfried
What it does: Operate a bot with your cell phone.

What is does: SoBi has built a GPS-enabled bike that you can find and unlock using your mobile phone.

What is does: Your secure personal data assistant. Buy online, fill in forms fast, save your purchases, IDs, passwords & important info in a place only you can access.

What is does: Create and publish your eBook everywhere.

Favorite Demos of the Night:

Personal favorites of the demo’s include Consmr especially for demoing condoms with positive consumer ratings on them, at least we know they work. Instinct because I would love a fun interactive way to learn how to play the guitar. SkillCrush for understand the non-techie geeks like me need a way to understand geek talk, and finally Vook, creating your own e-books and distributing them sounds like a great resource for those who doesn’t have book deals or a publisher but still want to get their words out.

Takeaways from the Q&A’s:

After every 3 demo’s the group forms together to take Q&A’s from the audience. Some of the things I’ve learned from this audience participation part:

  • There is always competition out there, there will always be a similar version, product, or company that can be compared to your startup. Be unique and beat the competition.
  • The Booo’s you’re given mean that this is about technology, so don’t dare ask questions about “business models”.
  • Audience feedback and questions help you realize you haven’t thought of everything. In this Meetup’s case, opportunities to expand your selling reach, copyright infringement, and theft.
  • Repeat the audience question before answering it.

In case you missed July’s event you can still view the Livestream.
I had a great first NY Tech experience so special thanks to them, Jessica, and all the sponsors, Google, Tumblr, Bloomberg, Microsoft BizSpark, and Nasdaq OMX.


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