The Instagram Photo That Gave Me a Swift Kick to Start Writing Again

Last week as I was scrolling through Instagram, this image and quote from Humans of New York caught my eye.

Humans of New York

I’ll be honest, I don’t write as often as I should. But this quote was a true awakening. It reminded me of when I just graduated college. Almost every single day for about an hour I would just write and recollect my thoughts at nearby cafes. It was one of my most fondest memories. It was my personal getaway to recap the struggles (and still struggles) of the economy and post-grad life, finding my way, logging weight goals (I lost 80lbs in about a year during my senior year and documented it both on and offline), and reenacting fun I had with friends in college. I could relive it all or just reflect, even for a few short moments. It was pure bliss.

Immediately after reading this quote, I grabbed a new Moleskine notebook and got started. I’ve been writing every single day since then ( a whole week straight so far! ). Just like anything else you need to make time for it, and it’s definitely a habit I’m excited about forming.

I’d love to hear from you: What are your daily improvement habits? How do you strike a balance to make time for these habits?

For me, I’ve started to only bring a book with me whenever I’m running out the door, that way I can squeeze reading time into my commute time. Then, I’ll set aside an hour to write in the evening and use my Lift app to hold myself accountable. It’s also fun to check things off a to-do list.

Would love to hear from you! Let’s explore in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “The Instagram Photo That Gave Me a Swift Kick to Start Writing Again

  1. I kept a daily journal of my life from 9thgrade until right after I graduated college. It’s super fun to have a detailed record of those years of my life and ill probably be sorry I didn’t keep it up.

  2. Journaling is great! I too find myself journaling less than I’d like. Awesome to have you on Lift – thanks for giving us a shout-out! -Erin

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