Make Me Laugh! How to Stand Out on Vine

♫ Might as well face it, I’m addicted to Vine. ♫

Truth is this obsession has only been going on for about 2 months now. When I wanted to start my own “30 Day Vine Challenge”. I wanted to challenge myself to start taking a video a day of NYC life, then gradually became obsessed with the Vine community and all the Vine ‘personalities’. At first I wanted to make this into a ‘Top Video Personalities/Comedians to Watch” list, which it is. But the more I did my research the more I noticed how the top Viners each really have their own niche.

Let’s start with some videos.

Note: Best way to view these is by turning on/off the sound to each Vine one at a time. 

KC James

Had to put KC at the top of my list because he’s a personal favorite. He’s hilarious and always changing his Vines up where most others on this list will stick to only one of two Vine themes they’re known for, but not KC. He has a number of “Vine Series” including:
How to Recover After an Embarrassing Slip

“Magic Vines” – Which are stop-motion Vines that create interesting concepts (flying, disappearing, etc.)

How To’s:

Series: How To Be An Orange Country Mom

Series: How To Concern People In The Bathroom:

Series: How To Spot An InchWorm At (Wal-Mart/Target)

And last but not least, his amazing basketball shots:


Best known for Huckle Bee Bob (He’s even brought this costume to Europe) and pretty much torturing is puppy with cat noises and dressing him up as a triceratops.

Nick Mastodon

Best know for his music/movie/commercial mashups:


Best know for demon baby and my personal favorites are when he spends time at home playing with his daughter’s toys:

Nick Confalone

Best known for Vine’s of his ridiculously cute baby:

Rudy Mancuso

Rudy hasn’t posted too many of his Vine’s on Twitter. And Vine hasn’t quite figured out an easier way to share Vine’s other than your own but I did manage to find a “Best of Rudy on YouTube” — That’s right, someone other than Rudy has too much time on their hands.

He’s best known for his characters Isaac and Alberto, Isaac as Siri, chair spinning, mi madre, foreign parents (aka making his mom say really long sentences in English), and Lion King in random places. These all make sense when you follow his Vine’s as religiously as I do.

Here’s two more of my personal favorites:


Max is probably best known for his creepy mustache, yelling, and how to videos. Here’s a few of my favorites:


The key to standing out on Vine? These Viner’s create content that is unique, interesting, and funny, while pushing their ideas to the next level. All these Viners are known for their own unique themes, series, and ideas. This translates to a community of Viners. Remake Vines and collaboration between the rest of the Vine community start to begin.

I’m always so surprised when I see that most of these great Viners are from Cali, they all know each other and show up in each others Vines. And if they’re not from the same state they do collaborations or remakes of each others work. It’s amazing when it unfolds.

You can follow all these great talents by looking up their names on the Vine App — as well as myself, Nicole Monahan (shameless plug!) I mostly Vine NYC life, office puppies, events, and subways musicians. 🙂


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