Internet Inspiration: Living the most productive, healthiest life + vacation!

This is simply a post on things I’m getting excited about. Starting with…

Vacation and scoring this Foursquare badge….

Foursquare Las Vegas City Badge:

Foursquare Las Vegas Badge

App & Devices

Keep your team informed without the spam. Group mailing lists that automatically build and maintain your intranet while you work. Honey stores everything in the cloud for easy reference. Share once with everyone who will ever be involved with your project.

I’ve been currently using this with my team members to share articles and ideas found while browsing the web. Although, like the description says I’m sure it can be used for many other projects. There’s a plugin to use on your browser and find it more useful than when I tried using Stich/Evernote.


Pulse takes your favorite websites and transforms them into a colorful and interactive mosaic.

My seamless way to read all my favorite industry and inspirational articles, websites, and blogs. You can also save and share articles.

Up by Jawbone:

Up by Jawbone

UP is a wristband and app that tracks your sleep, activity and food—then helps you use that information to feel your best and stay motivated with teammates.

Focusing on my health led me to this recommendation. It only works with iPhones and iPads right now, but the best part is that it tracks everything — you’re sleep, food, and activity. Knowing more about how I sleep, move, and eat have been so fascinating and helpful. New York is stressful enough, take care of yourself!


Applauze App

Applauze helps you discover, plan and attend the best events around you. 

Just discovered this app and love the interface. You search your location and it pulls up both free and paid events in your area. Best part is you can purchase tickets right through the app with no hidden charges.


That’s all folks! I’m now officially starting vacation. BUT I always love productivity and apps. Please send recommendations my way!





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